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Our Memorial Fundraising Specialists are specifically trained to maximize donations.


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We create your account quickly

Your dedicated Memorial Fundraising Specialist will create your Memorial Fundraising account quickly so they can start raising funds on behalf of your funeral home for the families you serve.

We send notifications to you

Our system will automatically send email notifications to you as donations are received, keeping you in the loop with each fundraiser.

We manage fundraiser details for you

Requesting updates to fundraiser details is quick and easy. Your Memorial Fundraising Specialist is on-call 24/7 to make any changes you may require.

We initiate payouts to you

Your Memorial Fundraising Specialist will initiate payouts directly to your funeral home’s bank account upon the closing of each Memorial Fundraiser.

We create your secure Stripe account

Your Memorial Fundraising Specialist will create a secure, verified Stripe account so all Memorial Fundraising donations are deposited directly into your funeral home’s bank account.

We notify friends and family

Your Memorial Fundraising Specialist will work with you and your families to help spread the word and maximize donations.

We provide detailed reports

Upon request, your Memorial Fundraising Specialist will send you detailed reports, which can be sent to the family, including donor name, date of donation and amount.

We create Wall Certificates and Table Displays

We provide custom a custom Wall Certificate and Table Display to help you market your Funeral Home's participation in our Memorial Fundraising service.

We create your fundraisers

Your Memorial Fundraising Specialist will create custom Memorial Fundraisers for the families you serve using our platform built exclusively to serve the funeral home industry.

We send email confirmations

Our system will automatically send email confirmations to donors letting them know that their donation(s) were successful and received, along with a message asking them the Share the fundraiser.

We monitor fundraiser progress

Your Memorial Fundraising Specialist will closely monitor the progress of your Memorial Fundraisers until you notify us to close them.

We keep your privacy private

We will never share your funeral home’s or family’s information with a third-party. Your privacy and the privacy of your families is our utmost concern.

Custom Wall Certificates

We create a Custom Memorial Wall Certificate that you can frame and hang in your Arrangement Room. Families will see this beautifully-designed certificate and inquire about how the Memorial Fundraising service works and how they can participate.


8.5 x 10 Register Stand/Table Display

When launching a new Memorial Fundraiser, an 8 X 10 custom Register Stand Table Display will be created and sent to you. This includes your Funeral Home's logo at the top, an announcement about the Memorial Fundraiser, a QR Code and a link to the Memorial Fundraiser page.

This beautifully-designed display informs family members and friends of the Memorial Fundraiser.

I can’t thank you enough, Justin, for staying the course with us and getting me through the process of using the Memorial Fundraising service. It has been such a blessing for us as a company but more importantly, for the families. During these uncertain times it has allowed them to have financial support from family and friends even though they might not be able to see one another. I highly recommend it.

Daniel Payne, Owner
Daniel Payne, Owner
Precious Memories Funeral Home, LLC

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