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What is Give A Memorial Gift? is a free, funeral industry exclusive "Fundraising Service" that helps families, individuals and friends receive donations from their family, friends and community through social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) as well as via text and email. This gives both the family and the Funeral Home a multitude of options & benefits that can help reduce or even eliminate the financial burden to the family when honoring their loved one.

Do I have to learn anything new?

No! We do everything for you. Our experienced Memorial Gift Specialists create and manage your fundraisers to maximize Memorial Gifting and increase your Funeral Home's revenues.

How do I decide the appropriate goal amount for a Give A Memorial Gift fundraiser?

The goal should be set, according to the costs of funeral services. You, as the funeral director, along with the family are best-suited to determine the appropriate goal amount that will meet/exceed final expenses.

Won’t families feel uncomfortable asking for donations?

No! Giving a Memorial Gift provides family, friends and co-workers an alternative way to honor a loved one, rather than traditonal expressions of sympathy. 

Are Give A Memorial Gift funds paid to the family?

No! Give A Memorial Gift fundraiser donations are paid directly to the funeral home. This keeps the Funeral Home in control of the funds and guarantees payment to the Funeral Home.

How do I receive the funds from a Give A Memorial Gift fundraiser?

Give A Memorial Gift donations are deposited directly into your Funeral Home’s bank account via a secure, verified Stripe account that we create on your behalf.

What if the donation amount exceeds the fundraiser goal?

When a Give A Memorial Gift amount exceeds the fundraising goal, you can return the overages to the family. However, our experience has shown that when the amount donated exceeds the anticipated expenses, Funeral Homes are more easily able to offer additional merchandise or services, such as a pre-plan policy, to the family.

Where are the Memorial Gift funds held and when and how are they withdrawn?

All  Memorial Gift donations are added to your secure Stripe account as they are received. All funds are directly deposited into your Funeral Home's bank account when a Give A Memorial Gift fundraiser is closed.

What is the length of time for a Give A Memorial Gift fundraiser?

From our experience, the appropriate amount of time ranges from 1-2 weeks. However, you and the family can decide how long a Give A Memorial Gift fundraiser should be active.

Will I be able to follow/track the progress of my Give A Memorial Gift fundraiser(s)?

Yes. After your dedicated Memorial Gift Specialist creates a Give A Memorial Gift fundraiser on your behalf, you may login at any time to track the progress within your Dashboard.

Can people send Memorial Gifts anonymously?

Yes. Options are available for either the donor’s name and/or the Memorial Gift amount to remain anonymous.

How do you maximize the number of donations for a Give A Memorial Gift?

The success of a Give a Memorial Gift depends on how often and how well it is promoted by the family. It is important to make sure the family PROMOTES the cause to all of their family members, friends, co-workers, church members and any organization the deceased might have been associated with or a member of.

The family should post the Give a Memorial Gift link via social media, mobile text and email to family, friends, contacts, co-workers, worship members, etc. Then, ask those they shared with to do the same.

Can I create a Give A Memorial Gift for causes other than funerals?

No. Unlike other fundraising/crowdfunding platforms that allow fundraisers for a multitude of other causes, Give A Memorial Gift was created exclusively for the funeral industry.

Do you launch and manage Give A Memorial Gift fundraisers(s) for me?

Yes! When you work with us, a Memorial Gift Specialist will be assigned to you to create and manage all of your Give A Memorial Gift fundraisers, doing everything possible to maximize Memorial Gift donations and reach/exceed your fundraiser goal amount.

All of us at Serenity Funeral Home & Cremation would like to give a big “Thank You” to the team at Give A Memorial Gift for providing this much-needed service.

We’ve increased our revenues and helped our families. It has given us an advantage over our competition.

Keila Crucet
Keila Crucet
Serenity Funeral Home & Cremation Services